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Residential Driving Courses

Combine Learning with a Trip Away

A residential driving course comes with the benefits of learning to drive and enjoy a holiday. Dedicating 5 hours on average to driving daily, it offers enough time for relaxing and exploring. It is one of the best opportunities for learning to drive and be away from daily distractions. Beginners and experienced drivers can undertake this course to polish their skills for safe driving on roads.

Pimlico Driving School offers residential driving course, helping you pass your driving test as soon as possible. Booking your test and accommodation, we allow you to focus on driving in a stress free and friendly environment. Our driving instructors tailor the courses based on individual learners’ learning capabilities and unique requirements. Based on your experience, we help you decide the required hours to learn to drive.

Learn at Your Own Pace with Our Driving Instructors

Our experienced and licenced driving instructors offer high-quality tuition services to all students, helping them pass their test and become confident and responsible drivers. Undertaking an intensive approach to teaching, our instructors have proved to stand out over time, being more efficient and offering stress-free learning to students.

We strive to boost the confidence of nervous people, dealing with them politely and kindly to address their concerns. While helping you learn invaluable driving skills, we allow you to drive on quiet roads with charming sceneries. In this way, our instructors make the learning experience unique, hassle-free, and refreshing for the pupils.

Our Courses – We Accommodate All!

We offer residential driving courses with different number of hours, fulfilling your unique learning requirements:

  • We allow you to rectify minor faults by taking mock driving tests under our 12- and 15-hour courses.

  • We provide you time for polishing your driving skills and correcting all the manoeuvres with our 18- and 20-hour courses.

  • We help you improve and master all the basics of driving with our 25-hour course.

  • We assist beginners in learning driving skills and techniques under our 30-hour course.

  • We encourage people to start learning to drive and make them confident about their skills with our 35-hour course.

  • We accommodate freshers who want to start learning to drive from scratch, offering a 40-hour course.

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- Ready to Drive? Learn with Confidence! -

Join Pimlico Driving School and embark on a safe and skilled driving experience.

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We Offer an Ideal Learning Environment

We offer the best learning environment for our pupils at Pimlico Driving School, which is:

  • Safe

  • Controlled

  • Learner Friendly

Contact Us Today!

Our fully registered company strives to provide exceptional value with excellent accommodation, practical tests, and one-to-one tuition from our driving specialists. We ensure to provide the best industry services at cost-effective rates and transparent pricing structure.

Get enrolled and be a part of our residential driving course today!

- Areas We Cover-
  • What should I expect from a beginner driving lesson?
    The beginner's driving lesson will teach you about emergency stops, hazard awareness, turning your car, reversing, independent driving, darkness and weather conditions, parallel parking, passengers and loads, security, and satellite navigation.
  • What does the Pass Plus course include?
    Pass Plus course allows you to gain confidence in safe driving and reduce the risk of accidents. Under this course, you can get detailed knowledge regarding dual carriageways, motorway driving, rural roads, complicated city situations, all weather conditions, and night driving.
  • What makes you stand apart from the rest of driving schools?
    We have specialised, cost-effective courses designed to suit all drivers with different experience levels, offering flexible driving lessons to fit your schedule. Based on your skills and previous knowledge, we have experienced instructors to help you pass your driving test in as little time as possible.
  • How many driving lessons will I typically need?
    According to the research and available statistics, it has been found that, on average, a learner driver needs to have 40 to 50 driving lessons before taking the driving test. These hours vary from person to person based on their driving experience and skills.
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