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Manual Driving Lessons

Driving has become a vital skill to master today. It can save a lot of time and help you stay ahead of your busy schedule. Although automatic vehicles have made driving significantly easy and comfortable, car enthusiasts still love a more hands-on experience with manual vehicles.

It requires a more extensive set of instructions and precise limb coordination to drive a manual car. That is why you must choose your driving instructor carefully who can help you master this skill.

Pimlico Driving School houses highly expert driving instructors who provide customised coaching depending on your requirements. We have designed our driving courses to ensure you excel in every required driving skill and become a safe and reliable driver for your family. Contact us to discuss your requirements and book our manual driving lessons in Pimlico. 

Our Most Thorough Manual Transmission Driving Lessons

Basics of car control, including how to start your car, change gears, and use pedals.

Use of accelerator, brakes and indicators to start and stop your car safely on a public road. 

Parking and reversing techniques, including bay parking, parallel parking and reverse parking.

Navigating different types of roundabouts and how to enter and exit the traffic safely.

Changing gears smoothly and efficiently to maintain its fuel efficiency and prevent it from stalling.

Learning road markings and signals to become a safe driver for yourself and others.

Using the mirrors, adjusting them correctly, and avoiding the blind spots.

Understanding safe speed for various road scenarios and controlling the speed of your car.

Getting familiar with the rules of the road and how to follow them correctly.

Grasping defensive driving skills to become a safer and more aware driver on the road.

Picking up advanced skills such as overtaking, night driving, motorway and highway driving.

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- Ready to Drive? Learn with Confidence! -

Join Pimlico Driving School and embark on a safe and skilled driving experience.

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Our Complete Driving Lessons Range

Pimlico Driving School offers a whole range of driving lessons, which includes:

  • Defensive driving lessons

  • Residential driving courses

  • Mock driving tests & theory

  • Nervous driver lessons

  • Refresher driving lessons

  • Intensive driving lessons

  • Motorway driving lessons

Learn from Experienced & Approved Instructors

Pimlico Driving School houses highly experienced DVSA-approved manual driving instructors, who go through extensive background checks to ensure they have no criminal record in the past. Creating a positive learning environment, we help our students ace the driving techniques in optimum time.

Our instructors use custom approaches based on their students’ learning speed, weak areas and any specific requirements, making sure they unlock their full potential to become a safe driver for themselves and others on the road.

- Areas We Cover-
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Pimlico Driving School | Our Hallmarks

  • Licenced and registered company

  • Affordable packages

  • Customisable driving lessons

  • Qualified driving instructors

  • Flexible timing

  • Cutting-edge vehicles

  • Up-to-date methods

Contact our customer services today, and let’s begin a new chapter of your life by mastering manual driving.

  • What should I expect from a beginner driving lesson?
    The beginner's driving lesson will teach you about emergency stops, hazard awareness, turning your car, reversing, independent driving, darkness and weather conditions, parallel parking, passengers and loads, security, and satellite navigation.
  • What does the Pass Plus course include?
    Pass Plus course allows you to gain confidence in safe driving and reduce the risk of accidents. Under this course, you can get detailed knowledge regarding dual carriageways, motorway driving, rural roads, complicated city situations, all weather conditions, and night driving.
  • What makes you stand apart from the rest of driving schools?
    We have specialised, cost-effective courses designed to suit all drivers with different experience levels, offering flexible driving lessons to fit your schedule. Based on your skills and previous knowledge, we have experienced instructors to help you pass your driving test in as little time as possible.
  • How many driving lessons will I typically need?
    According to the research and available statistics, it has been found that, on average, a learner driver needs to have 40 to 50 driving lessons before taking the driving test. These hours vary from person to person based on their driving experience and skills.
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