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Pass Plus Course

You can take a Pass Plus course after passing your driving test to overcome your anxieties associated with driving on the road. This course helps you provide a practical experience of driving in different conditions while having a driving instructor with you who provides the necessary guidance.

This article helps you understand a Pass Plus course, what it includes, and why it is considered important.

Understanding Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a six-hour short driving course specifically designed to help recently qualified drivers hone their skills and ensure they drive on roads safely. You can enrol for this course after passing your theory or practical driving test to get the required guidance from a qualified and certified driving instructor.

You can take this course from any driving school of your choice and get practical experience driving on different roads with varying conditions. This course helps you qualify for a Pass Plus certificate to ensure your driving skills are up to the highest standards.

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What Is Included in A Pass Plus Course?

A Pass Plus course comprises these six modules that cover all aspects of daily driving:

All-Weather Driving

This module in the Pass Plus course is specifically dedicated to helping you learn how to drive in different kinds of weather conditions, such as dazzling sunshine, fog, heavy rain, ice, and snow. It helps you prevent and handle skidding and provides you with a better understanding of stopping distances during extreme weather.

Dual Carriageways Driving

This module of the Pass Plus course is mainly focused on teaching you how to join and leave the carriageway through slip roads and how to overtake. You also get a chance to learn about safe distances and lane discipline.

Motorway Driving

This module helps you spend considerable time driving on motorway roads by learning to drive in different conditions while maintaining a safe speed. You also learn to deal with fatigue related to driving on motorways, handle a breakdown, use lanes correctly, and follow the signs.

Night Driving

After passing your test, this module will help you experience driving at night. This will boost your confidence in driving safely on roads, even when it gets dark. Moreover, you will learn to use headlamps correctly, adjust light levels differently, deal with dazzling, and make judgements related to distance and speed.

Rural Roads Driving

Driving on countryside rural roads is a different kind of thing and has its potential risks. In this module, you learn to drive in built-up areas and blind bends. You also get to know how to drive on the road with animals and how to overtake slow-moving vehicles. This module also teaches you about safe passing places and driving strategies that help you deal with cyclists, farm vehicles, horse riders, road debris, and sharp corners.

Town Driving

Driving in urban areas is the first thing every qualified driver will experience, so this module has been designed to help you enhance your skills related to observing things and staying aware of your surroundings while you drive. During town driving, you will learn about navigating bus and cycle lanes, complex junctions, trams, and underpasses.

Why Is a Pass Plus Course Considered Important?

The six modules of the Pass Plus course cover almost every aspect of driving and help you gain the maximum information required to become a confident, safe, and independent driver. You get a chance to practice your driving skills in real-time while having an instructor beside you who guides you through different techniques and strategies for varying situations.

This course helps to build your confidence if you feel anxious to drive on the road even after passing your theory and practical driving tests. You get a chance to experience different driving conditions by driving in varying weather conditions, on different roads, and at different times of the day.

What Is the Cost of a Pass Plus Course?

The cost of a Pass Plus course varies depending on factors such as your living location, the experience of your driving instructor, and the training duration. However, it ranges from £150 to £200.

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