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Mock Driving Tests

Mock driving tests are specially designed to prepare you for the day of the driving test. They resemble the real driving test pretty well. That’s why people prefer to attempt mock tests to correct their mistakes and enhance the possibility of passing on the test day.

What Happens in Mock Driving Tests?

  • Eyesight Test: They make sure you can read a number plate from 20 or 20.5 meters away. You can wear glasses or contacts if necessary.

  • Show me, tell me Questions: You will have to demonstrate a basic understanding of vehicle operations and practice to avoid errors during the test.

  • Assessment of Driving Ability: It requires you to navigate various road types and demonstrate parking, moving off, and starting while being monitored by a professional driving instructor.

  • Independent Driving: You will have to drive independently for approximately 20 mintute, following directions, using road signs.

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How can practising for mock driving tests benefit you?

Taking a mock driving test is a great idea for checking that you have all the skills you need to drive safely on your own. It will also help you understand if you’re ready to take your driving test.

These are the top 4 reasons why taking a mock driving test is a great idea:

  1. The research indicates that you are 40% more confident to pass the actual test.

  2. You can learn how to pass the driving test.

  3. You will learn about your weak areas and have time to improve.

  4. It will verify that you are prepared to take the driving exam.

5 tips in the mock driving test?

  1. Review the feedback sheet: Try using a feedback sheet; it can tell you what the examiner looked for to help you prepare for the test.

  2. Discuss with your instructor: Go through a more thorough explanation of the answers during a mock viva from your instructor to tackle any confusion.

  3. Maintain perspective: Do not be personally offended by the mock tests. Instructors’ rigour may be due to the desire to prepare you.

  4. Remember its practice: Consider every practice session a chance to learn the test structure well and fight anxiety.

  5. Stay resilient: You have to know that a crucial thing you can do is never give up. Otherwise, you may lose your confidence.

What are the pros and cons of the mock driving test?


  • Settle nerves: Taking mock driving tests helps you try the real thing out and boosts your confidence.

  • Familiarise with test format: It helps you work through and practice the procedure for the likely questions that the examiner might ask.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses: It gives you a chance to determine the specific areas that need improvement before the official exam.


  • Not the real thing: Mock tests at a test centre may have the same feel as a licensing test, however, it becomes less than reality for few.

  • Can take its toll on your nerves: Failing the mock test can, in turn, cause exposure to even more anxiety and may cause doubts as to whether you are ready and capable.

  • Risk of over-confidence: Although a mock test is mind-boggling in itself, it could result in over-confidence for the participants.

Thus, it is more affordable to take a mock test to get experience and determine whether you are truly prepared to pass.

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