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Driving Lessons in Wandsworth

Self-driving offers flexibility, independence, and privacy, as you don’t have to rely on anyone for commute. You must learn to drive and pass your tests to start driving in the UK. To master the art of driving, contact Pimlico Driving School. We have skilled instructors to deliver professional driving lessons in Wandsworth and surrounding areas.

Through qualified and approved instructors, we will not only help you pass your test but make you learn lifelong driving skills. Get connected with our certified and experienced instructors to learn to drive on the busy roads of Wandsworth, Victoria, Chelsea and other regions in South London.

Who We Are?

We are a driving school in Wandsworth aiming to provide different driving lessons to make you a skilled driver. We have DVSA-approved instructors to fulfil various needs for new learners, international driving, pass plus certification, etc.

What to Expect During Your First Driving Lesson?

You will not get behind the wheel immediately during your first driving lessons. What you can expect during your first driving lesson from a well-reputed company or school is:

Meeting the Instructor

This will be the first time you will meet with your licenced instructor. After a formal introduction, the instructor will demand your provisional licence to ensure you can legally drive. You have to show it for the first lesson only.

The Cockpit Drill

Next, you can expect a cockpit drill, the routine you go through before driving your car. It includes:

  • Checking doors.

  • Adjusting the seat to get comfortable with the pedals.

  • Putting on the seat belt.

  • Adjusting mirrors for maximum visibility.

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- Ready to Drive? Learn with Confidence! -

Join Pimlico Driving School and embark on a safe and skilled driving experience.

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Understanding Controls

After the cockpit drill, you will get a chance to get familiar with your vehicle’s controls. You will get an idea about:

  • Indicators, warning lights, and controls present on the dashboard.

  • Pedals, brakes and accelerator.

  • Clutch, handbrake, and gear stick (in case you are in a manual car).

Get to Drive

You can expect it at the end of the session. Your instructor will drive the car to a quiet place, switch seats, and allow you to drive. Don’t get stressed about stalling, as it’s normal for a first driving experience.


What Do We Offer at Pimlico Driving School?

We have specialists to provide you with different driving lessons per your preferences. We offer a wide range of driving lessons in Wandsworth, including:

Automatic Driving Lessons

These lessons are all about mastering the art of automatic driving. Whether you are a beginner or switching to an automatic car, our experts can provide tailored services and a personalised learning experience.

Refresher Driving Lessons

If you are returning to driving after a long time, our refresher driving lessons can help you provide some road experience and update your skills.

Intensive Driving Course

Our driving school offers an accelerated learning experience through an intensive driving course. This course is designed to condense the traditional driving curriculum in a shorter timeframe to make you a skilled driver within a few weeks. 

Other services and driving lessons we offer are:

  • Pass Plus

  • Nervous Driver Lessons

  • Residential Driving Courses

  • Motorway Driving Lessons

  • Mock Driving Tests & Theory

  • Defensive Driving Lessons

Whether you want to learn to drive from scratch or polish your skills, our driving school in Wandsworth can provide professional services. Our experienced and certified instructors will make you a confident driver with lifelong skills.

  • What should I expect from a beginner driving lesson?
    The beginner's driving lesson will teach you about emergency stops, hazard awareness, turning your car, reversing, independent driving, darkness and weather conditions, parallel parking, passengers and loads, security, and satellite navigation.
  • What does the Pass Plus course include?
    Pass Plus course allows you to gain confidence in safe driving and reduce the risk of accidents. Under this course, you can get detailed knowledge regarding dual carriageways, motorway driving, rural roads, complicated city situations, all weather conditions, and night driving.
  • What makes you stand apart from the rest of driving schools?
    We have specialised, cost-effective courses designed to suit all drivers with different experience levels, offering flexible driving lessons to fit your schedule. Based on your skills and previous knowledge, we have experienced instructors to help you pass your driving test in as little time as possible.
  • How many driving lessons will I typically need?
    According to the research and available statistics, it has been found that, on average, a learner driver needs to have 40 to 50 driving lessons before taking the driving test. These hours vary from person to person based on their driving experience and skills.
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